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Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts

Good Grief! Snoopy’s back. And this time, because friends are the present you give yourself, he’s brought some pals. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Peanuts, the gang has returned to Cath Kidston for a collaboration packed with sunny one-liners and feel-good frames from our favourite comic strip friends.

Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts

Using Peanuts characters such as Charlie Brown, Sally and Peppermint Patty, our in-house designers created a range that celebrates the simple joys of friendship, kindness and making it through together.​

We caught up with our very own Poppy and George, the print designers behind the sunny hues and the perfect print partnership with Peanuts.


Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts


Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts
Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts

So, we’re back with our second Snoopy collaboration! How do you think this collection is different from the first?

Poppy: This time round we’ve really looked at bright fun solid colour alongside an iconic Cath floral, and teamed that with the Peanuts characters. It feels slightly more graphic but still very Cath!


When it comes to collaborations between two famous brands, where do you start? And how do you get the balance right?

George: We started by picking through the extensive Peanuts archive, which is filled full of artwork from the comic strip. We then look through our own CK archive to find the perfect fit! It needs to be a true partnership that compliments the best of both brands in a way that feels seamless and authentic to each of them. We often go for a really classic floral, because it’s so identifiably Cath.

How do the Peanuts Characters inspire the prints?

Poppy: The Peanuts characters are so cheeky and fun, which really inspired our colour palette for this collection. We wanted to match their fun positive attitude with our bright and cheerful colours in the prints 


Our prints are famous for being so fun and full of imagination – which of these new Peanuts prints is your favourite?

George: My favourite print is the Snoopy Star print that is being used on Kids products. The fun colour palette and simplicity of the star print really showcase and capture the joy of the Peanuts characters.

Poppy: I love the yellow and blue being used on home, with the bright floral. It feels so sunny and joyful.

Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts
Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts

The range features lovely sunny yellows and bold blues, how did you settle on the key colour palettes?

Poppy: There is such positive messaging around Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang that we wanted to pick really uplifting colours. We loved the bright blue and the sunshine yellow as it reminded us of a sunny sky.


We love the positive sayings taken from the Peanuts comic strip, how do you pick them? There’s so many!

Poppy: There really is! We landed on ones we felt we resonated with the most as a team. We liked the ones that made us all feel the most happy and positive and made us smile!

Once the prints have been dreamt up and designed, what is the next step in the process?

George: We work with the product design team to see how we can translate the prints we’ve created into placements for products like bags, t-shirts and drinking bottles. Picking out our favourite elements from a print and visualising them is an exciting step in the process where we see the designs come to life!


Which Peanuts character are you most like? 

George: Marcie, she is introverted like me and has a dorky side. She seems like an all-round sweet person who is caring and thoughtful with her friends. 

Poppy: I think Snoopy, for me, he’s very laid back and likes to dream a lot.

What product is at the top of your wishlist once the collection has launched?​

George: The two glass tumblers will be straight in my basket. I had a collection of cups like this when I was younger, with so many fun cartoon characters from my favourite books and shows.​

Poppy: I love the mugs! They’re dipped in the yellow and the blue and are so bright and cheerful to drink from!

Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts
Cath Kidston X PeanutsCath Kidston X Peanuts

The limited Cath Kidston X Peanuts Collection is available online and in-stores! 

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